We use cutting edge Technologies!

We follow the best practices in every technology!!

Android Studio

With native android development, provide your users consistent and best in class experience. Take advantage of all that android has to offer. With Android Studio, we can support multi-lingual and support different screen sizes, resolutions and device orientations.

XCode (iOS)

XCode is the defacto for iOS application development. Develop iOS apps natively in swift or objective-C to take advantage of native device specific features. Develop universal apps for iPhone, iPod, iPad, iPad mini, iPad Pro.

Ionic Framework

We use ionic framework to build quick prototypes and quick to market apps that target both iOS and Android devices. This framework helps maintain single codebase for both platforms. We take advantage of cordova plugins to integrate with native features.


We have expertise in java frameworks such as Struts, Springs and Play. We are open to new frameworks as needed. We use Hibernate to interact with DBs such as MySQL and MongoDB. We deploy to app servers such as Tomcat or Jboss.

NodeJS, GoLang

Step into the world of non-blocking IO calls to power you high traffic applications which can scale massively. With NodeJS it helps to be use single language on server and client with easy code reuse on both sides. With golang, we get cleaner code and best performance.

MySQL, MongoDB

We have experience with both MySQL and Mongo databases. We tend to use MySQL when the application demands lot of relational queries. But when the application is write heavy and is okay with denormalized database, we choose MongoDB.

PHP, Wordpress

Wordpress is a game changer when it comes to websites and commonly used webapps such as an e-commerce application. We also have expertise with other php frameworks such as Code Igniter and Laravel.


We take advantage of latest advancements in HTML5, CSS3 and JS to provide best user experience. Features such as localstorage, form validation, autofocus, video preloading, css3 animations, gradients are utilized to enrich your apps.


AngularJS is the most popular Single Page Application framework. We use it to organize our client side code-base. We take advantage of existing modules such as ui-router, ui-bootstrap to handle complex view structures and best UI.

Photoshop / illustrator

UI designs and concept designs are done using Photoshop/Illustrator. Be it be a graphic for a new game or a logo design for a new brand, or a new website theme, or an UI design for a new app, our creative team is keen in providing best user experience with rich and simple UI, which can get the task done in as few clicks as possible.


We develop 3D games and apps using unity game engine. We use free and paid 3D models, landscapes, animations, particles to give smooth and realistic games and apps. Integrated with other sdks, unity is used for Augmented and Virtual Reality apps as well.


Cocos2D is a leading 2D game engine. We use it to create 2D games for iPhone. We use Cocos2D-X when it needs to be on both iOS and Android. Checkout our iOS game Greedy Jump developed with Cocos2D. When physics is needed we use Box-2D along with it.


We use Vuforia unity SDK and Vuforia native SDKs for iOS and Android to develop Augmented Reality applications. Targets vary from ImageTarget to Object Recognition and we use depth shaders to hide virtual elements behind real objects.


Oculus Rift along with its new touch devices provide best in class virtual reality experiences possible. We take advantage of the platform to develop immersive games, apps and experiences. Its best suited for Virtual Tour, First person games, and educational materials.

Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard made possible the technology of virtual reality to reach to everyone with just pizzabox and a pair of lenses. With Cardboard SDK, We can provide virtual tours and educational contents. Combined with a blutooth game controller or VR controller, We can deliver VR games too.